Phama Road Bridge

Project Facts

Name: Parma Road Bridge
Location: Shoalhaven
Client: Shoalhaven City Council
Commencement: July 2013
Duration: 5 Months

Project Description

This project involved the replacement of the critically damaged road bridge at Parma Road and restoration of two-way traffic flow across the bridge for access to a local school and domestic properties. Maintaining permanent access across the bridge during construction was essential and added complexity to the project. Critical project milestones: successful implementation of the site traffic control plan and pedestrian protection, installation of environmental protection around the live watercourse, demolition of the existing severely damaged bridge, preparation of the existing headstocks to receive the newly cast precast sections, installation of the precast headstocks, abutments and deck units, traffic diversion to the newly installed roadway and repetition of the above mentioned methodology for the southern side of the bridge.